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High Borosilicate Glass Straw Set with Brush

High Borosilicate Glass Straw Set with Brush

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Product Details:

Crafted from High Borosilicate Glass, our straws boast remarkable durability and corrosion resistance, ensuring a rust-free and enduring experience.

Versatile in application, these straws are ideal for Home, Party, Hotel, Restaurant, and Gift settings, making them perfect for birthdays and various occasions.

Sizing Information: 

Each Drinking Straw measures Width: 200MM × 8MM.

Cleaning Guidelines:

Maintain the pristine condition of your straws by using a neutral detergent for cleaning. Refrain from utilizing strong alkaline or oxidizing chemicals. After cleaning, ensure thorough drying to uphold cleanliness.

Product Features:

Our Drinking Straws are meticulously crafted from High Borosilicate Glass, guaranteeing non-toxic, tasteless, and corrosion-resistant properties. They remain free from rust and eliminate any metallic aftertaste, prioritizing health and safety. Versatile in function, these straws are suitable for various beverages including drinks, tea, and juice. They are dishwasher safe, reusable, and environmentally conscious.

Usage Recommendations:

Designed for a wide array of settings, these straws are apt for family gatherings, outdoor picnics, hiking, trips, and office usage. Furthermore, they make an excellent gift choice for both families and friends.




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